Royal Wedding Cupcakes

We’ve added this wedding cupcake image: Royal Wedding Cupcakes Image by follow us on … [Read more...]

Lavender Wedding Cupcakes

We’ve added this wedding cupcake image: Lavender Wedding Cupcakes Image by clevercupcakes Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream decorated with handmade fondant bows and blossoms for a white and lavender wedding. … [Read more...]

Butterflies Wedding

We’ve added this wedding cupcake image: Butterflies Wedding Image by Cupcake Sisters (Senel) A Lemony lemon top cutting cake covered with sugarpaste. The cupcakes were vanilla with blackberries and lemon with lemon. … [Read more...]

Montreal Wedding Cupcake Tower

We’ve added this wedding cupcake image: Montreal Wedding Cupcake Tower Image by clevercupcakes Wedding Cupcake Tower: - Chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter frosting and either handmade fondant swans or bows - Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla lavender buttercream - Mini lemon cupcakes with green tea buttercream … [Read more...]

Wedding cupcake tower

  Image by Angelina Cupcake This Wedding Cupcake Tower is a selection of lemon and strawberry cupcakes. Cutting cake was strawberry with cream cheese frosting and fresh sliced strawberries sandwiched between. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes

Image by Dots Treats Cupcakes These chocolate wedding cupcakes are made from Chocolate!  They are Chocolate Chip with Chocolate and Vanilla Icing added with handmade fondant flowers. … [Read more...]

Sweet Pink and White Wedding Cupcakes

Many brides-to-be are turning away from the traditional wedding cake and instead, going for some unforgettable wedding cupcakes. And these sweet pink and white wedding cupcakes definitely fit the bill! Made from a standard chocolate cupcake batter and decorated with pink and white tinted chocolate ganache, these beautiful cupcakes will make a stunning addition to your perfect … [Read more...]