Carrot and Orange Cupcakes with Orange Brown Sugar Buttercream


‘Tis the season for carrot cake, and there are sure to be hundreds of recipes for cupcake versions too, but we like this refreshing twist on an old favorite. Start with…well…carrot cake, and add a bit of orange zest and juice, top that off with brown sugar buttercream also spiked with orange, and you may find carrot cake can be more appetizing than you … [Read more...]

Cranberry Orange Cupcakes


The perfect holiday cupcake, these Cranberry Orange Cupcakes are infused with orange zest and fresh cranberries, then topped with a silky cranberry orange buttercream. Make them even more festive by topping them with sugared cranberries. They would be perfect for any holiday party or get together. I know I love to celebrate the season with a good cupcake!! Source: Taste and … [Read more...]

Orange Crush Cupcakes


The Orange Crush, in cocktail form  (not to be confused with the cloyingly sweet soda variety), is synonymous with our beaches here on the Eastern Shore. A few simple ingredients are shaken up to create one of the freshest and fruitiest drinks you’ll find.  They’ve long been one of my favorites in the summertime. So, I got to thinking – why not in cupcake form? Cake by the … [Read more...]

Blood Orange Chocolate Cupcakes


There’s something just wonderful about the bold, sweet flavors of blood oranges. Make sure you grab some before they are out of season and make some baked goods! These cupcakes use my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe as a base and it’s boasting with sweet orange zest and dark chocolate made richer with a hint of coffee. Topped with a blood orange frosting (isn’t the color … [Read more...]

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes


As a Texan currently living in gray and dreary Germany, I miss the sun. My husband and I just returned from three weeks visiting friends and family in the South where we enjoyed t-shirt weather for all but a few days. When we returned to Berlin, it was 23°F and in the past 9 days, we’ve had a few hours of sunshine. I’ve never had a harder time getting out of bed! I don’t like … [Read more...]

Black, White and Orange Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Spiced Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


Vanilla bean and chocolate spice. Can you think of a better, more wintery combination? We can’t. These cupcakes meld the combo perfectly with real vanilla bean and a touch of chili pepper. The recipe even wraps up these yummy packages with beautiful orange sugar flowers. If orange doesn’t capture your emotions about these cupcakes, opt for another color and make … [Read more...]

Peachy Orange Marmalade Cupcakes

When you think of marmalade, you may think of breakfast and toast. This cupcake will change your mind about marmalade’s place in the day and give you the excuse to devour sweets in the morning. Perfection, in either case. Plus, bringing something that isn’t chocolate or red and green to this year’s holiday party is sure to set you apart as the baking … [Read more...]

Honey and Orange Cupcakes

What an oh-so-sweet combination honey and orange makes, and there’s no better way to serve this combo than in a cupcake. What makes these cupcakes so extra special and cute? They’re topped with adorable little marzipan bees! These babies are bursting with orange, including orange juice, orange zest and orange extract, and even the buttercream topping has a touch of … [Read more...]

Carrot and Orange Cupcakes

There’s no doubt that these Carrot and Orange Cupcakes look good enough to eat, in fact you may want to take a moment just to enjoy their beauty, but the best part is that they actually ARE delicious. Carrot and orange aren’t the only ingredients found in these cupcakes that tantalize your taste buds. You’re sure to be delighted with spices and raisins that … [Read more...]

Orange Cupcakes with Citrus Buttercream

Orange cupcakes are already my heart song, so why not stack some delicious citrus buttercream on top to invent a slice of heaven? I don’t see why not, either, and that’s what this baker did! These mini cupcakes make a great treat for a holiday or just one of those nightly baking events. Check ‘em out for a great spin on lemon-flavored desserts! Source: Mrs. B’s Kitchen … [Read more...]