Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes


These cupcakes are a riff on mint chocolate chip ice cream, which is typically colored green, with a generous amount of Bailey’s for character. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, even if you don’t choose to go green! Chocolate chip cupcakes featuring chocolate mint Irish cream and topped with mint frosting, and a recipe that works for regular or mini … [Read more...]

Vanilla Mint Cupcakes with Chocolate Drizzle


The fluffy moist vanilla cake, topped with a cool, creamy mint frosting and finished off with that sweet hint of chocolatey goodness, makes these cupcakes so incredible. They are soft, refreshing and decadent, adorned with a bonus piece of chocolate, which makes them all the more perfect. Source: Lindsay Ann Bakes … [Read more...]

Mint Oreo Cupcakes


Even if you’re not a huge fan of chocolate and mint, it’s tough not to get on board with Mint Oreos. And it’s even tougher not to get on board with cupcakes, right? This recipe combines that tricky mint chocolate Oreo flavor with the beloved cupcakes we all know and love here at The Cupcake Blog. In fact, there’s even an actual mint Oreo embedded in the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes


Celebrate Earth Day with us with these yummy Chocolate Mint Cupcakes from Taste and Tell! Mint lovers will go crazy for these Chocolate Mint Cupcakes that are topped with a smooth and creamy mint Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Here are some delicious Chocolate Mint Cupcakes that I made from the wonderful blog – How to Eat a Cupcake (update 2016 – sadly, this blog is no … [Read more...]

Thin Mint Fudge Cupcakes


Thin Mint Fudge Cupcakes with chocolate minty cookie frosting and a layer of hot fudge sauce, yum!  These are a dream come true!  My friend ate one last night and she said “This was the best thing I’ve ever had.” Since I only used the really fine cookie crumbs for the frosting, I used the larger pieces as “sprinkles” after I piped out the frosting.  No crumb left behind … [Read more...]

Andes Mint Cupcakes

Can you imagine a delightful Andes mint in the form of a cupcake? The good taste just keeps on coming with this melt-in-your-mouth, bursting with mint flavor cupcake. Not only does it taste amazing, you are going to love the perfect union of the look of dark, rich chocolate and the beautiful hue of the mint colored frosting. Source: Baked by an Introvert … [Read more...]

Thin Mint Cupcakes

There are some cupcakes that are most enjoyable, but one is enough. This will not be the case with these thin and minty cupcakes that are just packed full of goodness. Loading them with chocolate, then bathing them in chocolate ganache is just the beginning. They are adorned with a Thin Mint cookie frosting that adds that final touch. The term, “cake in a cup” is a … [Read more...]


If you’ve ever wanted a giant girl’s scout cookie, here’s your chance. You can call it best chance even. These Chocolate Mint Cupcakes taste like thin mints! The sour cream and mint extract in the cake batter give the chocolaty flavor a light refreshing taste. Adding peppermint extract to the butter cream frosting really highlights everything and you’ll love the intense … [Read more...]

Starlight Mint Cupcakes

Starlight Mint Cupcakes are an adorable treat for your holiday table. These fun cupcakes begin with any flavor cake. The buttercream frosting is what makes this cupcake a star. Two colors of frosting are piped together to create the starburst pattern and then covered in sparkly sugar to make them shine. The cupcake design calls for a candy glass technique to create the … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes With Mint Kissed Centers

Hot chocolate and winter are ideal partners, they really go together and when turning them into cupcakes, they are real bliss. Biting into them and finding the delicious mint truffle in the center is a heavenly mouthful that surpasses any dreams! As if this is not enough to satisfy your taste buds, the topping is of toasted marshmallows. Devouring these hot chocolate mint … [Read more...]