Olympic Gold Medal Cupcakes

These cupcakes are really perfect for Olympic God Medal, just by the look of the cupcakes, anyone will be amazed! Great designs and great arrangement. Source:  Pink Martinis and Pearls … [Read more...]

Unique Cars Cupcakes

Are you planning to have a Car themed birthday party for your little boy? Then these Car Cupcakes would be a perfect desert for the party. The kids will surely love these unique designs of Car Cupcakes. Source: Artistic Cakes … [Read more...]

Baking Mad Olympic Torch Cupcakes

These Baking Mad Olympic Torch Cupcakes are simply amazing! The flame cupcakes are perfect in colors! These ice cream cone cupcakes are always looking impressive regardless of how you decorate them, but with these flame decorations, they are more interesting! Source: Life of a Cupcake Baker … [Read more...]

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Black Bottom Cupcakes are made out from simple ingredients that are handy, which makes them ideal for parties, travel, potlucks, or just when the craving strikes.   The chocolate cake is really a nice light fundamental chocolate cake, which pairs nicely with the rich chocolate nick cheesecake filling.  The cheesecake filling takes the host to buttery frosting. Visit recipe … [Read more...]