Birthday Cupcakes in a Cone


The only thing better than celebrating your birthday with cupcakes is celebrating it with cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone. These particular ones are vanilla flavored, but you can make them from any batter or flavor combination that you choose, as long as they are baked in ice cream cones. Because the cones need to stay upright while baking, you need to use standard, flat … [Read more...]

7th Birthday Carnival Cupcake Tower


What’s cuter than a standard carnival-themed birthday cake? A carnival-themed cupcake tower, of course! These cute cupcakes are topped with magician hats and wands, the letter “S” (in honor of the birthday girl), the number 7 (once again, in honor of the birthday girl), admission “tickets,” and tiny boxes of popcorn — all made out of the … [Read more...]

Kitties & Cupcakes 1st Birthday Cookies


Cupcakes don’t need to actually be mini-cakes – as evidenced by these cupcake-shaped cookies, they can be flattened discs of tastiness, as well. This batch of sugar cookies consists of frosted cupcake cookies, frosted cartoon-y cat cookies, and cookies shaped like lit birthday candles and the number 1. Basically, they work well for birthday parties, but once you … [Read more...]

Birthday Plaque Cupcakes

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes coated in buttercream frosting and then topped with edible “plaques” blaring the name of the birthday girl (or boy) and his or her age are a great way to celebrate your loved one’s special day. The best part about serving birthday cupcakes instead of a birthday cake is the fact that they are easier to handle. You won’t need … [Read more...]

7th Birthday Cupcakes for a Future Geologist

Is there a future geologist in your life? Or just a little boy or girl who is interested in rocks and nature? No matter which of these fits best, check out these creative cupcakes. The cupcake batter and frosting can be any combination that you wish, since the point gets made thanks to the edible decorations that sit atop the frosting. These candy rocks, rock candy and … [Read more...]

Beth’s Birthday Bouquet

We’ve added this bee cupcake image: Beth’s Birthday Bouquet Image by weir thru a lens Cupcakes with Fondant Bumblebees for the weeWeir’s 2nd Birthday … [Read more...]

Birthday Boy Peanut Butter Hidden Chocolate Cupcakes

The only real setback you might experience making these cupcakes for your kids, is that there might not be any left by the time you want to take them out to the eager young birthday party guests. If you do mange to refrain from eating them all yourself, the young recipients will delight in the surprise peanut-butter centre tucked into the depths of what appears to be just … [Read more...]

Birthday Girl’s Cupcake!

We’ve added this fondant cupcake image: Birthday Girl’s Cupcake! Image by clevercupcakes Chocolate cupcake with pink vanilla buttercream and a hand made fondant flower for the birthday girl. … [Read more...]

Sesame Street cupcake tower 1st Birthday

We’ve added this bird cupcake image: Sesame Street cupcake tower 1st Birthday Image by kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop) Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie monster cupcakes along with #1 cupcakes in fondant stars and a giant cupcake decorated like Elmo. … [Read more...]

Men’s Fashion Line Birthday Cupcakes

We’ve added this fondant cupcake image: Men’s Fashion Line Birthday Cupcakes Image by clevercupcakes Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with handmade fondant argyle, fedora, sunglasses, and shirt for the birthday of an executive at a large clothing company. … [Read more...]