Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, any one of us is generally at risk for overdosing on chocolate, but that shouldn’t keep you from giving this delicious recipe a try. Notably baked with double the chocolate, both milk and dark, and topped with even more mouth-watering chocolate, these cupcakes were literally created to cater to your […]


Love Monster Cupcakes

It’s finally February, and now that the Super Bowl is over, Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. These adorable little cakes are perfect, not just for the main squeeze in your life, but for anyone you feel a fondness for. These pink goodies are all vanilla, based on the simple white cupcake recipe here […]


Butterfinger Blizzard Cupcakes

Snowmageddon 2016 may be dying down, but that’s not the type of blizzard on our minds. Unfortunately, it’s a bit cold to indulge in the cold cups of candied ice cream we’re now salivating for, but these cupcakes can ease the pain. Created with Dairy Queen Butterfinger Blizzards in mind, these yummies place homemade Butterfinger blizzard […]


Chai Cupcakes with Brown Butter Chai Icing

Even if you’ve never been much of a tea person, you’ll want to take a stab at these chai cupcakes before you rule out the flavor forever. Not hot and watery, but certainly warm and perfectly spiced, these treats consist of an ingredient list that’s almost all spice and definitely all yummy. Top them with a […]


NFL Game Day Cupcakes

As far as Americans are concerned, there’s only one thing better than chocolate: chocolate and football. This Sunday is the big game, and when it comes to Super Bowl fandom in the sweet realm, these cupcakes deliver. Or should we say, “score!”? In either case, whip up a batch of these delectable chocolate cakes, topped with […]


Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

If you’re already in the market for a chocolatey sweet treat this week, these chocolate cupcakes will hit the spot like no other. Based on a rich, buttermilk cake recipe, these babies are loaded with chunks of chocolate, and if that’s not enough decadence for you, wait until you see the frosting recipe. Powdered sugar, […]


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Pink lemonade may not be a typical “winter” flavor, but it’s a delicious one! The greatest thing about this recipe, besides the little taste of summer during otherwise chilly months, is that these guys are so easy to make. A little bit of lemon zest, a little bit of food coloring, a dash of love […]


Gingerbread Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

We’re running out of seasonal time for taking advantage of the gingerbread flavor, but as long as it’s blizzard weather, we think it’s acceptable. This recipe’s been perfected and touted as the perfect moist gingerbread recipe, topped with scrumptious, homemade cream cheese frosting with brown sugar and cinnamon! If you can handle the wait, these […]



Angel Food Cupcake recipe

Angel food cake is light, airy and reminiscent of its namesake. These angel food cupcakes are right up there as well. The fluffy cupcakes (made from a mix of granulated sugar, egg whites, cake flour, warm water, salt, coconut extract and cream of tartar) are baked and then topped with an equally light frosting – […]


S’more Cupcake

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pumpkin smores cupcakes

Pumpkin Smores Cupcake

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